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As a well-renowned House Painter and Decorator, the most important thing is making sure my clients are happy and satisfied with my work. Take a look at some of my recent projects to understand the type of service you can expect from me.


BIG EFFORT Exterior job from summer 2019 

This Job was very lovely to complete.it was a rare occurrence that the customer wanted pay for a top job, and to have time taken to take everything back to bare. Which therefore allowed us to make the windows and frames look like new windows without the years and years of paint layers. It was tough at times in the highest heat of the summer, but deep down I knew the time and effort would be worth it. The masonry on the sills was remoulded by a local mason, then we went to work with the main flats on the masonry. This was stripped back, mass filled with masonry filler, sanded to a good finish, edged in any details needed then coated with a stabilising solution and finished with a 3 coats of trade quality white masonry. The end result was very nice and well worth the effort, so many people complemented how lovely it looked which is always nice to hear. 


please take a look through the photos to see the transformation.

thanks, colin C.S painting & renovating

C.S Painting & Renovating


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